Can I invent something? – Yes, you can!

Protect industrial innovations for the long term with patents

The best ideas are only as good as the legal protection which can be leveraged therewith. To maximize your market potential, we focus our work at the core of your invention. Working in tandem with your product developers and engineers, as well as co-workers in the R&D divisions, our patent attorneys strive to fully understand your new developments. Once your core business is clear, we can develop a tailored IP protection strategy specific to the particulars of your business and the market environment for which your invention holds special relevance.

Whenever practical, we would be delighted to visit you on site to view your innovations and discuss these directly with you. In this way, we can begin laying the foundation for a trusting and successful cooperation.

In addition to our services relating to patent law, our experts are also happy to provide advice on all aspects related to your inventions and exploitation of IP rights as well as for reinstatement. Particular examples of these include: employee inventor law and the licensing of your patents. Whether you require timely protection for an invention or need quick and complete advice on enforcement or defence of granted patents, our patent attorneys and lawyers are there for you.