Infringement in the unitary patent system – new reference book available soon

“Infringement in the unitary patent system”

The whole IP sector is looking forward to June 1, 2023: In less than 30 days, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will commence its work and the Unitary Patent (UP) will enter into force – a milestone in European integration and economic history and at the same time a real challenge for lawyers and patent attorneys as well as companies’ legal and patent departments. “Infringement in the unitary patent system” – that’s the title of the new reference book written by Dr. Michael Nieder, lawyer at Meissner Bolte, which will be published on June 18, 2023, by the C.H.Beck publishing house in English and German language. The book will prepare IP experts and lawyers for the upcoming “revolution of the patent system”.

The book explains the new patent system and, in compact form, describes the steps and opportunities to initiate and launch patent infringement suits to the UPC or how to deal with suits as a respondent.

Michael Nieder is a lawyer with decades of experience in intellectual property law. He is a member of the GRUR Expert Committee for Patent and Utility Model Law, the GRUR Expert Committee for Pharmaceutical and Food Law and the GRUR Expert Committee for Biotechnology.

At Meissner Bolte, we are looking forward to helping our clients in all matters related to Unitary Patents and the UPC. More information is available on our UPC page