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Transfer of IP rights in Germany

Ensuring the accuracy of your IP ownership details at the GPTO, EPO and WIPO.

Navigating the red tape when transferring IP assets between institutions and Patent offices can be a complex and daunting task, involving intricate documentation and legal processes spanning multiple international jurisdictions and numerous different parties.

Our experienced Recordals team, led by Mani Fischer LL.M., takes charge of the entire project on your behalf. Whether you have assignments, mergers and acquisitions, or need to make alterations of name/address, our dedicated team based in Munich offers a cost-effective solution for handling the complete Recordal process.

Tightened requirements for IP asset transfers imposed by GPTO

As a result of the 2018 revision to the official guidelines for the transfer of IP rights at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, the GPTO has significantly tightened the requirements for successful transfers. Foreign IP right owners may find it particularly difficult to comply with these new requirements, especially when it comes to complex multi-stage IP asset transfer constellations involving different international parties relating to assignments or mergers and acquisition transactions.


Preventing complications with authorities through impeccable data verification

Our team offers exceptional legal services backed-up by many years of experience in the successful execution of IP asset transfer procedures, particularly at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, for projects of all sizes: from one to several thousand IP rights per transfer.

At Meissner Bolte IP Services we have developed unique, effective and precise data verification processes which allow us to ensure immediate detection and reporting of any inconsistencies regarding ownership, addresses, legal form, representatives and so on. This will allow us to confirm the integrity of your internal records, ensure specific requirements of your individual IP asset transfer and prevent legal complications with the authorities from ever arising.

Cost-Effective IP Services supplied directly by a leading patent law firm

Each project is overseen by a Partner of Meissner Bolte and will be under the direct supervision of the Head of IP Services, who will also serve as your dedicated point of contact throughout.

Depending upon the circumstances and complexity of your transfer project and the number of IP rights to be transferred, our team will develop a customised solution to meet your individual requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how Meissner Bolte can streamline your IP recordals process and ensure the seamless transfer of your intellectual property assets.

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