EPO Case-Law Update


  • First decisions according to the new RPBA
  • Recent procedural decisions
  • Recent substantive decisions, including decisions on computer-implemented and pharma/biotech inventions
  • Referrals to the Enlarged Board
  • Petitions for review
  • Report period 2019 - 2020


Each year the Boards of Appeal (BoA) of the European Patent Office hand down more than 2000 decisions. These decisions set the standard for interpreting and applying the European Patent Convention. It is therefore vital for practitioners to keep up to date with the latest developments of the jurisprudence of the Boards of Appeal. The most important published and unpublished decisions of the Boards of Appeal will be presented. The panelists will discuss, in particular, the consequences of these decisions on patent practice, in particular with respect to the basis of the appeal proceedings and the admittance of late filed submissions (new requests, prior art and arguments). The impact of the amended Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal will be analyzed and discussed.


Do you work in a corporate patent/IP department or as a patent attorney in private practice? Do you need to be up to date on EPO case-law?Then this update course is designed for you. Knowledge of patents is assumed. This course is also useful to advanced EQE candidates.


  • Dr Hans-Peter Felgenhauer Former Technical Member of the Boards of Appeal, European Patent Office, Munich (Germany) and Meissner Bolte Munich
  • Daniel Xavier Thomas Former Director, Directorate-General 1 - Operations, European Patent Office, Munich (Germany)

Thursday, 7 May 2020 in Leiden
9am - 5pm
Holiday Inn Leiden
Haagse Schouwweg 10 · NL 2332 KG Leiden
Tel. +31 71 535 5555 · Fax +31(0) 71 53 55 553

€ 1,190.00 (+ 21% VAT)
The fee includes course documentation (including free download) as well as refreshments, lunch and a certificate. You will receive an invoice as well as confirmation.

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