IPWatchdog Webinar

Patent Litigation in Germany After German Patent Law Reform

To begin International IP week at IPWatchdog, we are pleased to bring you this survey of global patent litigation, which focuses on the key features, trends and geopolitics associated with litigating in three of the world’s premiere patent jurisdictions – the United States, Germany and China.

Approximately two-thirds of all European patent litigation cases are tried in German courts, which makes Germany the most important European venue for patent litigation. Meanwhile, the recent fourth amendment of Chinese patent law has, among other things, created the possibility for punitive damages. Finally, last but certainly not least, in the United States over the last 18-months we have seen a return of billion-dollar verdicts, clarification of what it means to be willful infringement and a very recent streamlining of PTAB and district court proceedings.

Join moderator Rob Sterne, founding partner of Sterne Kessler, on Thursday, March 3, at 11 AM ET, for a conversation about the current state of German patent laws. Joining Rob will be Chief Judge Paul Michel (CAFC, ret.), Dr. Tobias Wuttke, Head of Litigation at Meissner Bolte, and Oliver Pfaffenzeller, Principal IP Counsel for Siemens.

During this webinar the panel will discuss:

The 4th Amendment of Chinese patent law and the availability of punitive damages,
Bifurcation of patent litigation and the injunction gap in Germany,
Willful infringement, enhanced damages, and attorneys’ fees in the U.S.,
Global FRAND Rates & Anti-suit injunctions, and
The availability of preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.

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