Meissner Bolte is Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms

Ranking Financial Times

Meissner Bolte are very pleased to note that the Meissner Bolte Group has been ranked as one of “Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms” by the Financial Times. Please find more information HERE
In particular Meissner Bolte have been singled out for recommendation in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, IT & Software, and Materials and Nanotechnology. Meissner Bolte are particularly pleased to be highlighted in these fields as we have a great degree of expertise. Indeed, our attorneys cover the full range of technical fields in all areas of technology. We also have a thriving trade mark and designs team who can advise on other facets of intellectual property. 
Andrew Parker – a chartered patent attorney and partner in the Munich Office – says that “We are always pleased when our experience, technical excellence, and detailed knowledge of the law is acknowledged, and being ranked as a leading patent law firm by the Financial Times is yet another feather in our cap”. 
In recent years Meissner Bolte has been expanding greatly, opening a UK office in 2019 which has continued to grow. Sam Giles – a chartered patent attorney and partner in the UK office - said “These rankings show that our peers recognise the work that we do. One thing not captured in the rankings however is that we are able to advise in the two largest jurisdictions in Europe, in both common law and civil law jurisdictions. In recent years UK based clients of ours have been litigating through the German courts, and our European clients have been utilising our expertise in the UK office.  This has meant the service we can offer clients is very much complete”. 
Meissner Bolte also has a litigation team in house, and so is prepared to help clients navigate the Unified Patent Court which recently opened offering pan-EU patent litigation.