Meissner Bolte Reporting Contact

Meissner Bolte offers its employees, clients, service providers and all other persons in a business relationship with us the opportunity to report information on misconduct or violations. Any justified suspicion, knowledge of an actual or possible violation or the concealment of violations can be useful to us.

Use one of our three reporting channels to share your information with us in a protected environment.

In order to be able to follow up your report in the best possible way, we would ask you to indicate the specific location of the office concerned. 

Even though our reporting system allows anonymity, please leave your contact details in case we have any queries. You may rest assured that your report is treated as confidential and will not entail any disadvantages for you. 

Our reporting channels at a glance

Online contact:

Contact by telephone: + 49 89 12 50 15 611

In-person contact: Only after making an appointment by telephone

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