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UPC Task force

Our experienced team will be pleased to assist you in developing an individual strategy for each patent in your portfolio, as well as assisting you to bring your cases before the UPC. We have experts in all technical fields, all of whom having made extensive preparations for the UPC and the Unitary patent. In particular: Dr. Eugen Popp in his former role as President of the German Patent Attorneys Bar Association was directly involved when the first drafts for the Unitary Patent Court Agreement were being drafted by the European Commission.

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Dr. Eugen Popp: "In an effort to create a uniform system, in particular for the enforcement of patent rights, the primary aim was to make it attractive for the individual inventor, for micro-enterprises and SMEs as well as for large-scale industry. This was ultimately achieved with a combination of standardised procedural structure and the possibility of significantly reduced court. These aspects protect individual inventors, micro-enterprises and SMEs from jeopardizing their economic existence. They also include rules on legal aid, which should ensure effective access to justice for everyone. No one need be cautious of the unitary patent system; on the contrary, everyone should be using it!"

One of Dr. Eugen Popp's special concerns was to ensure that patent attorneys, in addition to attorneys-at-law, were given the authority to represent clients independently before the Unified Patent Court. This goal has been achieved by the patent attorney association under his presidency. As a result, almost all currently admitted Patent Attorneys and European Patent Attorneys are authorized to provide such representation. From 2024 onwards, the new generation of colleagues will then have to undergo additional training and pass an examination. For this purpose, a corresponding course of studies will be established at the University of Hagen with the assistance of Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Fitzner in cooperation with the Chamber of Patent Attorneys at the FU Hagen.