Our Asia Desk

Protecting and defending IP in Asia

Many years of expertise in Asia

Meissner Bolte has already been active in Asia for many decades. We maintain partnerships with several of the leading IP law firms here, where these partnerships allow us to quickly attain, efficiently enforce and effectively defend intellectual property rights. In addition, we cultivate a continuous exchange with colleagues in Asia, and in this way are constantly informed about all current legal developments in the respective countries. We also manage IP portfolios for a series of leading companies in Asia.

  • Obtaining IP rights quickly
  • Efficient enforcement of IP rights
  • Effective defence in case of need


Specialised IP advice for Japan

We are especially experienced with IP rights in and from Japan. Working together with a team of Japanese patent attorneys, we offer our Japanese client advice which takes stock of both the expert and cultural peculiarities any- if desired - is also presented in the Japanese language. We likewise assist our clients on the Japanese market. We work with established IP law firms in Japan, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the best possible advice locally on any matter.

  • Expert IP advice for the Japanese market
  • Consideration of cultural particularities
  • Consultancy in Japanese language possible


Support on the Korean market

We also support our clients on the Korean market. We work closely with established IP law firms in Korea to ensure that our local clients always receive the best possible advice.

  • Support for German companies on the Korean market
  • Cooperation with renowned IP law firms in Korea
  • Optimal advice on site

Our experts for the Asia Desk

Takahiro Yamazaki

Japanese Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney


Alexander Son

Lawyer, Head of Korean Desk