Fair play – also in business

Controlling market behaviour with competition law

In Germany, rules ensuring fair market behaviour are essentially based upon the Law against Unfair Competition (UWG). However, case law is especially relevant in practice for this area: numerous case-by-case decisions of German and European courts based upon so-called general competition law clauses provide the guiding principle for fair play in economic life.

Our lawyers specialising in competition law will advise you not just on what is legally permissible. They will also accompany you in the development and implementation of innovative concepts in competition, which take the specific features of your branch into account.

Our long years of experience extend to all facets of competition law - from unfair advertising to violations of non-solicitation agreements. We will advise you during the development of marketing campaigns, draw up contracts with customers, suppliers and employees with aspects involving competition law in mind, and represent you in court when it comes to enforcing and defending your rights in competition.

At the latest by the inception of the know-how protection law, there was another rise in sensitivity relative to the legally effective safeguarding of trade secrets. We will provide you with comprehensive advice in this area as well, and in so doing also bring to bear the expertise gained by our team over the years in providing civil and criminal defence, and prosecuting corporate espionage.