It's looking good for you

Safeguard unique designs in international competition

Protecting the shape and aesthetic of products can be a powerful tool in protecting core and commercial designs.

Whether your design is used to make a technical device look good, or whether it is the product itself which has value resulting from its appearance, our experts can advise and guide you through the complete registration process. Filing for design protection at the GPTO provides up to 25 years of monopoly rights on the shape and colour of your ideas. Such protection extends to: packaging, a complete product, a graphic design and even web design. Our patent attorneys and lawyers can assist you in properly protecting your design with the use of suitable images, thus ensuring that your creation receives the best protection available.

For International products: design protection is available throughout the EU by means of the Registered Community Design. Our professionals have a wealth of expertise to assist you in obtaining, defending and enforcing this valuable IP right.