Licence to bill – allocate property rights correctly

Making economic use of IP through watertight licencing

Whether mobile phones, company software or major event - countless products, methods and events can’t do without licences. Licences ensure that the subsequent licensees can use intellectual property protected by patents, trademarks, designs or copyrights for their own purposes. They often provide a lucrative income to the holders of these rights.

A licence lets the owner of a right permit another party to use this right in return for a licence fee or - in exceptional cases - free of charge. Our lawyers make sure that this happens based upon reliable contracts. We negotiate both general licences issued exclusively to a single licensee for our clients, as well as non-exclusive, simple licences, which allow an unlimited number of licensees to lay equal claim to the licenced right.

While drawing up your licence agreement, we will work with you to coordinate the contract territory, products to be included, licence fees and other aspects relevant for optimally preserving your rights. We will negotiate with your contracting parties, and represent you where necessary in court and out-of-court disputes concerning your licences.