A strong trade mark – as reliable as your good name

Trade mark protection as a guarantee for your success on the market

The goodwill of a company is embodied in its good name, which itself comes from the quality of goods and services that are offered. Trade marks serve to protect these unique selling points, clearly defining origin and ensuring sound recognition.

Trade mark law has undergone many significant developments in recent years. It is no longer the case that protection is available for merely word or logo marks: trade marks may now be obtained covering specific product symbols, the 3D shapes of good and even slogans associated with your product range.

Our trade mark experts are geared to providing you with strategic advice on the protection of your brand. Once we understand your business and the market, we will be able to explain the entire range of available options for protecting your trade marks and symbols, whilst at the same time researching the existing property rights in your market. In so doing, we create the foundations for the successful introduction of your new product or relaunch of an existing product line.

After assessing any risks of trade mark collision, our experts are ready to support you in all matters of trade mark protection, both at home and abroad. These services start with the filing and registration of new trade marks, through to the defence, enforcement and licensing thereof.

Our experts are all experienced in defending your trade marks in opposition and nullity proceedings, as well as enforcing these against third parties to obtain injunctive relief and ultimately damages for infringement.