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Mechanical engineering patents

From mechanics through materials science to thermodynamics, encompassing precision engineering, automotive engineering and plant engineering – mechanical engineering encompasses many fields of technology. Patents are needed wherever innovation and inventions provide a competitive advantage, these often existing in fiercely contested markets. This need applies to the technical designs of small to medium-sized companies, as well as those of large corporations. In the field of mechanical engineering, patents can be considered as engines of the economy: reliably protected innovations move your company forward and help to secure important market shares.

Mechanical engineering innovations can be protected by patenting an end product, a machine and even a technical process, preferably all of these may be protected at the same time. Our attorneys and engineers will work with you to determine the optimal scope of protection for your innovation. In doing so, we shall take in market considerations including any existing patent strategy and the economics and specifics of your industry.

Patenting machines and processes

Every newly developed product or process starts with an idea and innovation from a technician or mechanical engineer. This may solve a known or new technical problem, improve an existing product or process, or legally circumvent a competitor's patent.

Our attorneys* experienced in mechanical engineering will support you in getting to the heart of this idea and distilling this into an application for an appropriate industrial property right. Together with the inventors, we develop an appropriate patent strategy whilst also considering any future solutions which may circumvent the original idea. In the end, you should have an officially examined and granted mechanical engineering patent that will help you protect your business as you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Approaching patent applications the right way

After the patent application is filed with the Patent Office, the Patent Office searches the known body of publically available information, known as the prior art, to determine the patentability of your new product or process. In fact, prior art may ultimately prevent the patent from granting with the scope and extent desired. If this appears to be an issue, we will inform you openly and early – thus allowing you to make appropriate strategic decisions.

With a well thought-out application strategy and in close coordination with you, our attorneys* can do a lot in the proceedings before the patent office to achieve the desired result. This also includes critically questioning objections made by the patent office and vigorously countering them when there is room for arguments.  

Apply for patent protection early - we will be happy to advise you

If your invention becomes public before the patent application is filed, e.g. at a trade fair or via the press, this severely limits the possibilities to gain protection. In the worst case, such a disclosure may even stop you from obtaining protection completely. Your product or process can then be used freely by your competitors and your investment was in vain. In order to avoid this, you should take the filing of a patent application into consideration at an early stage - we will be happy to support you.

Our experts are patent attorneys or patent engineers with a diploma or comparable degree in mechanical engineering or related fields of study. Their areas of expertise include:

General mechanical engineering

  • automotive engineering
  • medical technology
  • power engineering
  • production engineering
  • Materials Handling
  • measurement engineering
  • plant engineering

If we are not yet familiar with your specialist field, our curiosity is piqued and we will get up to speed as quickly as possible and in time to assist you!
Please do not hesitate to contact our patent attorneys and engineers specialized in mechanical engineering.

Verena Engstle

Verena Engstle

Patent Attorney, M.Sc.

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Jochen Kilchert

Patent Attorney, Dipl.-Ing.


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Patent Attorney, Dipl.-Phys.

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Nils Ellberg

Patent Attorney, Dipl.-Ing.

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