Philipp Rastemborski, LL.M. Philipp Rastemborski,  Lawyer, LL.M. (Edinburgh) , Munich

Meissner Bolte lawyer Philipp Rastemborski speaks at Sedona Conference

Philipp Rastemborski, LL.M., Lawyer in Meissner Bolte’s Litigation Team, will present a paper on: “the proportionality of the right to an injunction under patent law” at the "Sedona Conference's Patent Conference" in Washington D.C. on June 28, 2019.Top-class US federal judges, the President of the USPTO and representatives of large international technology companies will also be attending this conference.

One of the topics that will be discussed at this conference is one which is being hotly debated in Europe: whether, and if so to what extent, injunctive relief in special case constellations, such as in standardized industries, requires normative limitation and what legal means are available.

As an experienced European Patent Infringement and Litigation Lawyer, Mr. Rastemborski will be exchanging views with experts from the USA, China and Japan.

Meissner Bolte regularly and actively participates in the global dialogue on current intellectual property issues. The knowledge gained in this way allows our litigators to be directly involved in advising our clients in national and transnational disputes.

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