Meissner Bolte wins UWG dispute over Flying V Guitar for Warwick

JUVE News: 

No solo: Warwick wins with Meissner Bolte UWG dispute over Flying V Guitar

"The V-shaped electric guitars of the Saxonian manufacturer Warwick are not to be confused with the Flying V guitars from Gibson and may therefore be resold. This was decided by the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg (Case No. 15 U 86/19). Even if both guitars have the same shape, the judges did not see any danger of confusion and also no unfair image transfer. the consumers are hobby and professional guitarists who are familiar with the high-priced guitars and their origin".

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Representatives Warwick
Meissner Bolte (Munich): Oliver Nilgen, Dr. Stefan Zech

Representatives Gibson
Bardehle Pagenberg (Munich): Claus Eckhartt, Pascal Böhner