Speed is king!

UPC 24-7-4

In response to the time intensive requirements for proceedings before the UPC (Unified Patent Court in Europe)

We are delighted to offer you:

  • Within 24 hours, Meissner Bolte provides a first assessment of the case.
  • Within 7 days, first in depth discussion of the situation in a personal or virtual meeting.
  • Within 4 weeks, a first draft for submission to the UPC.

Your UPC case is in good hands with Meissner Bolte! As a mixed IP-specialist law firm combining a host of patent attorneys with extensive experience in litigation for every technical field with our strong team of lawyers specialized in patent litigation, we will handle your case quickly, effectively and completely - from the first submission to the final hearing.

For UPC emergencies: Immediate support with our UPC 24h hotline

Call: +49 1525 9836358

At Meissner Bolte, we are ready to assist you in critical cases and IP emergencies. Whether it is at a trade show facing an interim injunction, or during an unannounced inspection on your premises: with just one call, you can speak with an experienced attorney who will be able to handle your case. Our experienced legal team is available to assess your case immediately and assist you with initial actions. Within the available period, which in some proceedings can be only a few hours, we will prepare and take all measures to secure and protect your interests.

Contact us via WhatsApp!

Save our number +49 1525 9836358 in your contact book or scan the QR code. You can then send us your emergency enquiry via WhatsApp and receive the first important tips. Our team of experts will help you as quickly as possible.