Did you just lose everything?

Securing creative achievement against unauthorised use

The Internet tests the rights of originators every day. A shared image here, a streamed film sequence or copied text module there - it has never been easier to disseminate legally protected content in case of doubt. This is why the legislatures and courts are increasingly also taking portal operators and social media to task.

In principle, copyright law states that intellectual creations of varying kinds - works of literature, science and art such as books, essays, musical compositions, pictures, drawings, plans, photos, films, buildings or even computer programs - are protected against unauthorised reproduction or use. The tasks performed by our copyright law experts include determining this protection, defending it and procuring damages from infringers.

Our attorneys help originators from a wide variety of areas to safeguard their intellectual creations against unauthorised use and reproduction. Our clients include publishers and authors, composers and musicians, agencies and graphic artists as well as architects and artists, whom we have been successfully representing for many years.

In particular in the area of new media, we combine our know-how in copyright law with profound knowledge in press law, broadcasting law, telecommunications law, online law and data protection law.