We don’t like to argue – except for your rights

Enforcement and defence of IP rights in court

The importance of an industrial property right does not end with it being granted or registered. The fact that your patent has been published in the patent journal, you hold the document for your trademark in hand, or your design has been registered will not help you much if you are unable to successfully enforce in court the monopoly guaranteed by the state on your industrial property right. Only litigation reveals the practical use and monetary advantage of the industrial property right to its owner as a competitive tool.

Our litigation team of experienced lawyers and patent attorneys combines legal excellence and technical expertise, so as to successfully represent your company in nullity and infringement proceedings. On behalf of industrial property right owners, we handle the defence against attacks on patents, trademarks and designs, but also proceed actively against trademark and patent infringers.

In the event of imminent danger, we draw upon proven methods of border seizure and injunctive processes to secure your rights over the short term.