Meissner Bolte and Würtenberger Rechtsanwälte to merge

We are delighted to report that on 02 January 2022, the law firms Würtenberger Rechtsanwälte (Dr. Würtenberger, Ms. Wittmann, LL.M as well as Dr. Grau Kuntz, LL.M) and Meissner Bolte PartG mbB  will merge.
Dr Würtenberger is an internationally recognised figure in the fields of trade mark law and plant variety protection. Since 2014, Gert Würtenberger has been President of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Copyright (GRUR) and has also been Chairman of the GRUR Technical Committee for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants since 2006. In addition, he is chairman of the South German Arbitration Court for Seed and Plant Variety Protection Disputes and WIPO Neutral.
The merger is an important new milestone for Meissner Bolte in strategic terms. Firstly, the merger underscores the continuous expansion of Meissner Bolte's trade mark department, which already employs 10 professionals in both Germany and the UK. In addition, the firm is further expanding its range of advisory services, as up until now, Meissner Bolte has not been active in plant variety protection law. This gap will close with the merger, bringing the plant variety protection infringement proceedings, in which the Würtenberger law firm is actively involved, into the Meissner Bolte fold.
"Through the future cooperation with our new colleagues from the Würtenberger law firm, we will gain further valuable expertise in technologically future-relevant areas as well as strengthening our core business. This merger represents added value in every respect."

(Dr. Tobias Wuttke, Geschäftsführender Partner)